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Weanlings, yearlings, and two-year-olds for sale. Colorful and registered with JC, AWS, CBUSA, NASDHA, and APHA. Select riding stock also available.

Training News

SCA Top Gun's Reflection (above) and MJM Queen of Hearts (below) are progressing nicely.

April 21 2014-- After a long cold winter, we dive right back into spring training. Lots of new horses to work- Baby, Beauty, Chance, Henrietta, Chickie- all in various stages of "starting". Also BLM Danno & BLM Gracie continue to prove themselves smart, athletic and handy. Danno has huge gaits and Gracie goes anywhere on trails. 

September 17 2013-- Reflection was fantastic today at GMHA- XC schooling.

November-- Danno reaches out & down into long side reins & Henrietta starts steering. 

October-- Buttercup is back for further training. What a pleasure to work with youngsters from Faerie Court Farm. Athletic, clever, and well behaved babies. 

September 16-- BLM Danno has started W/T transitions in the ring. BLM Gracie continues to reach out and down at canter. She has gone out solo and met 4 deer and picked apples. Reflection's canter work continues to improve, especially after introduction of lateral work. Henrietta has ACED the tarp!

August 16-- BLM Gracie is going well under saddle. We started sitting on BLM Danno this week and today we walked around the ring! Reflection is back in jumping form.

July 13, 2013-- FCF mares dazzle us in the round pen and master the obstacle course!

July 9, 2013-- Sebastian and Kristie go to GMHA for first ever XC school!!

July 2103--- FCF Buttercup and FCF Truly have arrived for training! 5 yr Arab Mares.

May 2013-- FCF Flame has arrived! 4 yr Arab gelding- start U/S and Trails. 

Reflection jump school at GMHA 5-20-13 

March 2013-- Henrietta has arrived! 2 yr draft cross filly- here in training until started U/S.

February 2013-- Hush Dottie's 4 yr filly Chickwithcredentials has returned for training and we now have Henrietta- 2 yr draft cross filly who is ready to start under saddle.

January 2013-- We start the New Year with a full training schedule! BLM Gracie and BLM Danno are going under saddle. Hush Dottie begins her new regimen. Reflection and The Baby Girl are starting fitness on hills and canter work in fields. 

July 16-- Reflection was a star today at GMHA-- Members' Day Jump!! Her second formal Jump School. She put her heart into it! She will try anything- hunters, jumpers, and her first oxers. She easily clears 3 ft!

July 6-- Reflection was a star today at GMHA-- Members' Day XC!! Her second formal XC school. She jumped everything we approached without hesitation or launching. She dropped into the water and went over the ditch. She cantered to chevrons, the schoolhouse, and various roll tops, coops, tables, and benches. I let Reflection find her own stride- no chips!! Excellent!!

May 26-- Reflection is quite the jumper! She has a big jump in her and canters to them like a champ. She is learning to bend and flex.

April 30-- BLM Gracie's second trail ride. Go anywhere, go over anything. So bold, so independent, so well behaved. What a joy to be part of her world.

April 17-- BLM Gracie enjoyed her first trail ride- She was stellar! Also forward, confident, independent, and curious. She's fabulous!! Reflection cantered a small course of 6 fences at 2'6" 2'9" and 3'. We added a few "scarey things" like bricks, flowers, and lattice. No prob!  

April 7,2012-- Reflection gives lessons; jumps 3' in preparation for GMHA XC Schooling Day. BLM Sassy & Dun have a good shedding session- lots of lip wiggles!

April 1, 2012-- BLM Gracies learns figure 8's at trot. Rock steady!

March 17, 2012-- Reflection starts small courses at 2'6" and tries a few at 2'11". Warm weather permits lots of wonderful outdoor riding!

February 19, 2012-- BLM Gracie is in work and going well under saddle- lead line stop start and stear with a rider!!

February 15, 2012-- Reflection continues to develop general fitness on hills and long hacks out in the wilds. She is also in the round pen for canter work- transitions and contact in side reins. TODAY we played around over a few basic jumps for the first time in a long while- nothing more than 2' 6". She was honest as the day is long on no contact over barrels, logs, tires, a bounce, and the log pile. "Point and Shoot". She is so clever!! 

Also started BLM Gracie back in work after her stay at Higher Ground Farm- round pen work with saddle, ropes, and "pressure release". She is so smart! I'm starting to be a mare person!! Thanks Jamie!!

January 17, 2012-- BLM Sassy begins halter training and desensitization. She will give to pressure to turn left, turn right, and back up. Rope work too, including swinging it over head. She will pick up all 4 feet and has already had her feet trimmed- twice!- which the farrier was able to do with her loose in the stall. She enjoys being groomed and has many favorite spots which produce great lip wiggles!

Just found an awesome blurb- or find or "How to engage your horse's back" This is my philosophy in a nutshell. Instilled in me by my mentor Lynn Jendrowski see her at

January 7-12, 2012-- HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Horses are back in work after 2 weeks off. Reflection is quite refreshed- seems like her mind was busy during those two weeks as she has digested all the info from when we left off. She has performed it all willingly and softly. I found a great article on mustangs in training: Look out Danno and Gracie!!

December-- Taking advantage of this unusually warm weather to get in several fiitness rides and practice water crossings. Danno and Gracie are home from Higher Ground Farm. Huge thanks to Jamie Zeihm for getting them started- "no holes here"!

November-- Reflection continues to progress- lots of forward stretching work out in the field. Also jumping small courses at 2'9".

October 20-- Danno & Gracie work with Jamie Ziehm at Higher Ground Farm in NY.

September 24-- Reflection's jump photos coming soon! The Baby Girl and The Big Girl enjoy a Hint-of-Autumn Trail Ride- apples, deer, turkey, and piglets!

August 20-- Reflection travels to Shrewsbury for her first time off the farm. No problem- awesome trails, dogs running around, new horses- like a pro!

August-- Fitness intensifies for Reflection and Queen of Hearts: hills, trot sets, and lots of transitions: canter.

Reflection in early summer:

 July 30-- Margaritaville schools a bounce and gallops the log jump. No need to micro manage her as she can find her own takeoff. Reflection works canter transitions in side reins in the round pen.

July 23-- Margaritaville investigates a porcupine in an apple tree- interesting trail ride! Also free range sow and 10 piglets running around! So curious, no problem.

July 12-- Jumping 2'6" courses on Reflection. Fitness work outs for Baby Girl and Margaritaville.

July 9-- Great XC school at GMHA! Katie and Margaritaville jumped many Training and Prelim fences and combinations. See photo gallery.

July 7-- Katie had another great dressage lesson with Lindle Sutton at THF.

July 2-- Katie took Margaritaville Novice at GMHA- Clear stadium and clean XC with no time faults. They finished 5th on their dressage score, which included several 8's!! Great job Katie!

June 30-- Katie had a dressage lesson with Lindle Sutton at THF

June 28-- Katie had a lesson with Denny Emerson at THF

June 19-- Welcome Sierra and Megan- Let the fitness begin!

June 18-- Margaritaville enjoys XC at Hitching Post Farm in Royalton VT.Wonderful facility! Huge Thanks to Laurie for a great day! See Margaritaville's photo album in the gallery!

June 12-- Baby Girl's first time off the farm- she joined Margaritaville at GMHA for XC.

June 5-- Margaritaville takes Chelsea around the jumper course. See photo Gallery! Queen of Hearts takes Debbie up the Snowy River Hill!! Reflection jumps in the ring!

May 29-- Margaritaville was 4th at her first novice combined test! She LOVES to jump!!

May 7-- Margaritaville jumps gymnastic lines at home. Bounce to vertical and bounce to oxer, both up to 3'

April 30-- Margaritaville jumped like a pro at GMHA! Huge thanks to Keanan for taking her around the XC course. This mare does not bat an eye- she'll go over anything! See new photos in the photo gallery.

April 25-- Awesome jumping session with Margaritaville! What a scopey, honest mare!!

April 22-- Reflection's introduction to jumping went very well. Queen of Hearts continues to improve in her canter work. Margaritaville had an ah-ha moment when she softened her jaw. She gave many soft light transitions from my seat. Her preparation for XC at GMHA intensifies. BLM Danno trots in hand.

April 10-- Reflection and Queen of Hearts are back in the round pen for some fitness and softness in side reins. Small jumps will be introduced next weekend. 

April 8 -- BLM's Danno and Gracie are introduced to lunging, trot in-hand, and walked under saddle for the first time. Once you have trust, nothing is a big deal. Easy Button!See Photo Gallery

March 20-- Mustang Makeovers!! BLMs Danno and Gracie get the shedding blade, bridle path, banged tail, and trimmed fetlocks. Also, in-hand work with bridle and saddle in the round pen. Reflection and Baby Girl went for a splish-splash trail ride. Fitness and fun all in one! 

March 15-- Margaritaville continues to improve: she is remembering how to stretch, how to reach "out-and-down", and to trust. Yay. Lovely canter work.

March 12-- BLM Danno and Gracie have been wearing the rubber snaffle. Press that Easy Button! Calico Mtn mustangs are learning the yumminess of alfalfa treats and the goodness of itchies and scratchies- especially now that it's shedding season.

February 20-- Margaritaville is here! So good to have her home safe and back in proper training. Huge thanks to Krissy at Hidden Hollow Equestrian Center.

February 18-- We've kept the round pen shoveled and now it's thawed- so Baby Girl and Reflection begin canter work in side reins. Great sessions.

February 5 & 13-- Reflection and Baby Girl break trail in deep snow. Beautiful days, beautiful girls. Thanks Linda for working Reflection! 

CONGRATULATIONS LYNN! In January 2011, Lynn Jendrowski joined Flanagan Stables as Riding Instructor and Trainer. For more information regarding Lynn and Flanagan Stables, visit the Flanagan Stables website at:

January 30, 2011-- "Let the Games Begin!" aka desensitizing BLMs Danno and Gracie. The plastic bag! Mounting from both sides. Excellent sessions. See photo gallery. 

January 15, 2011-- Reflection loves all this snow. One day after the big storm, I took her out for a walk in the north pasture to cool out. She had done a great session of transitions in side reins in the round pen- she worked hard and worked well! So, there's a log jump out there she lived with all summer so it's nothing new, but now it's a big snow drift. She walked right up to it, stuck her nose down into the drift like "isn't there a bunch of wood in here somewhere?" and started pawing. About the time I thought "Uh-Oh, she's going to roll" (which was incorrect)- she snorted, blew a big puff of powdery snow into the breeze, did a fine canter pirouette to the left, followed by 2 airy collected canter strides, and a marvelous square halt. She stood there like "way cool, that was totally fun!" She's really quite agile and light- my little (?) ballerina. Had she wanted to get me off, she could have done so easily, as I was out there on the buckle! Obviously she was simply having fun. Obviously, she has a wonderful sense of humor.

January 2 & 5 2011-- Reflection and Queen of Hearts enjoy awesome Trails! Ice covered streams? No problem! Deer and Turkey? Ho-Hum. Such good girls!!


January 1, 2011-- Excellent training day. Dan and Gracie are introduced to the barn and stalls, bearing weight, and round pen work. See photo album.

Queen of Hearts ventured out on her first trail ride off the farm. She conquered snow drifts, ice, water crossings, and steep terrain. Like a pro. Reflection reviewed canter transitions in the round pen.

December 18, 2010-- BLM Danno had his first formal training session up in the ring. He is curious and he's a clown. See him in his photo album. Scroll down to bottom.

Reflection and Queen of Hearts started back in work this week. The footing is solid and they are working nicely in the round pen doing fitness and in-hand work. Plus a review of ropes, tarps, and noodles.

November 21, 2010-- Margaritaville is off to Shelburne VT for the winter to further her education. I look forward to seeing her progress!

October 18, 2010-- Round pen work by moonlight! Margaritaville gave me lovely T/C transitions and Queen of Hearts learned that ZOOM is much too much like work. She slowed up and her head came down, her back came up- nice soft contact in long side reins. Much easier. She's so smart!

October 3, 2010-- BLM Gracie has her first formal training session up in the ring. She is curious and confident. See her in the photo gallery.

September 12, 2010--Margaritaville was fantastic at the North Country Hounds hunter pace! She jumped everything and cantered around on the buckle. Her bff "Mister" had a great time too. Go Keanan! Thanks for the invite.

September 06, 2010-- had an awesome ride on Margaritaville- she gave softness in the reins- could feel her chewing- and she offered suppleness in her topline- I could sit her trot! She was forward and willing, balanced and carrying herself. She cantered long and low, reaching and stretching on a big circle in the hay field. Light bulb moments!

September 03,2010-- Working Margaritaville in the round pen. Awesome canter transitions!

August 20, 2010-- I just had the most awesome ride on Margaritaville!! Marvelous, forward, soft, elastic canter work in the round pen- lots of transitions. Then some fitness work- laps around the north pasture. She so gets it!! Let her out- reel her in, let her out- reel her in. Kinda opened up the throttle a bit on the last lap! She has a big stride!

August 17, 2010-- Margaritaville was a star today on GMHA's cross country course. We went over for an afternoon of schooling on the BN and N jumps from the August Horse Trials. She jumped a few stadium fences like a pro, then casually went over the BN and N ditches. We played in the water for quite a while- she jumped up and out of the water then dropped down into the water at both water complexes. She's awesome! She loves it!

August 13, 2010-- Dan and Gracie (BLM's) continue to gentle. Grace was backed today. After grooming, a trim, and some itchies, she stood unconcerned as I climbed up the round pen gate, so instead of going out, I got on. She was ho-hum. She milled around the shed and I got off. Such a sensible filly. Dan, however, is not quite there yet. We cleaned his sheath without a fuss, but he did not like any weight on his back. 

August 10, 2010-- Margaritaville's jumping continues to improve. She is doing a bounce combination like a pro. She jumped a "liverpool" (blue painted plywood) without even looking. She is simply unconcerned about the frills around or under an obstacle!

July 3 2010-- Margaritaville successfully completed her first 3-phase today. She had a lovely dressage test and went clean cross country. Although we had time faults for me being so conservative, she jumped perfectly! We pulled a rail in stadium (pilot error) so she did not place but it was an excellent learning experience and a great time! Photos coming soon. 

 June 22, 2010-- Cross Country school at Eddy Farm, Middlebury. Margaritaville continues to improve. Plus, she loves this! See Photo Gallery.

June 19, 2010-- Cross Country school at Hitching Post Farm in South Royalton. Margaritaville was stellar! Bold and relaxed. See Photo Gallery.

June 17, 2010-- Margaritaville had a huge breakthrough tonight! She gets it!! Contact, bend, canter transitions... Such a good mare.

June 15, 2010-- A horse's best defense? The shoulder. One must have control of the shoulder. Especially in these draft crosses which have a huge shoulder! I learn from my horses every day: one must pay attention! Your horse will tell you... It's that simple.

 June 5, 2010-- Reflection under saddle- first canter. Awesome lopey gaits! Such a good girl.

May 30, 2010-- Margaritaville went to her first show today! GMHA's Combined Test. She was a perfect little lady! Although we did not place, we learned a lot and had a great time. We need to work on bending and canter departs. See her photo gallery. 

May 23, 2010-- Reflection continues her training under saddle. She has started working in side reins and is going over ground poles. See her photo gallery.

May 1, 2010-- Margaritaville was a star! She completed her first jump school at GMHA's cross country rally. She jumped boldly and willingly without a care, but never got too strong. See photos in her gallery.

April 24, 2010-- Queen of Hearts begins under saddle work. HUGE trot, obstacle course, voice commands in the round pen. See her gallery.

April 21, 2010-- Reflection begins Spring Training! Lovely light mover. Trail rides for fitness and contact in loose side reins for softness.. See photos in her gallery.

April 6, 2010-- Review for Dottie- she loves to stretch! We did a few nice w-t-w transitions. Dan and Gracie practiced halters on/halters off while loose in the paddock. Ho Hum.

April 4, 2010-- Dottie had her first session in side reins. Very sensible mare. She pulled up against them once and decided it was much more fun to reach out and stretch down. No fuss, no tantrum, just lots of trying to figure it out. Some lovely trot both ways and that was that. Starting up Margaritaville again- basic fitness in the round pen, transitions in side reins.

March 28, 2010-- What a difference a little Join-up makes! Dan and Gracie stood for a trim- all 4 hooves ! Then each had a make over- full body curry and shedding blade, show sheen and comb out of mane and tail, trimmed a bridle path and banded their manes. Dan stood like a pro for sheath cleaning and Gracie, who fussed a little, had her udder cleaned. Such good ponies!

March 28, 2010-- What a difference a little Join-up makes! Dan and Gracie stood for a trim- all 4 hooves ! Then each had a make over- full body curry and shedding blade, show sheen and comb out of mane and tail, trimmed a bridle path and banded their manes. Dan stood like a pro for sheath cleaning and Gracie, who fussed a little, had her udder cleaned. Such good ponies!

March 27, 2010-- The mustangs had their first Join-Up today. Dan was easy. A few laps, a little lip-licking, and there you have it! He followed me around. We went the other direction and same thing- a few laps at trot, some good lip-licking, halt, Join-Up. Gracie? well, she's apparently an alpha-wanna-be and would not give up her liberties. Finally got some lip-licking and a good halt, but she would NOT join-up. After both directions and no luck, she had a major time out- she spent some quality alone time in the round pen. About 1/2 hr later, I went back in and milled around ignoring her. She couldn't stand it! Voila! Join-up. Lots of itchies and lip wiggles. She followed me everywhere, even after I opened the gate. I ended our session by "leading" her to some hay.

March 12, 2010--Chicklet is out of sight, out of mind, and safely at a friend's house. Thank you Keanan!! Now Dottie is able to focus on her work. Dottie is a true lady for grooming, tacking up, and round pen work. Today we mastered W-T transitions and overcame a few tantrums at the canter to the right. I waited patiently while she systematically went through her whole bag of tricks- zooming, bucking, stopping, kicking out, and even whinnying "where is my filly" (how pitiful!). It did not take long for her to figure out that what she was doing was a whole lot more work than what I was asking of her. She gave me her 'show hunter' trot and a few wonderful T-C-T transitions to the right and we called it a day. Such a clever girl!

February 20, 2010-- Dottie has been weaned for a week now and started in work today. Her first time in the round pen was great. She is smart, well behaved, and willing. She did a bit of walk/trot in both directions and got lots of praise.

Dan and Gracie continue with awesome leadline sessions today. Started some desensitization- dressage whip and lunge line all over- ears, legs, belly... They are so clever!

February 12, 2010-- Just worked Margaritaville. She is magnificent. She is also a very good teacher. Today I learned the value of WAIT. She has not been worked in over a month due to bad footing so needless to say she was a bit "up". (Got a hint of the passage to come.) Her buddies in the pasture were bucking and playing and running around. She was tossing her head playfully... I had her walk around until it was no big deal. I let her watch her buddies. Soon, they quit, she quit, and she gave a big sigh. Ahhh. Then we trotted on a loose rein. Within a matter of 10 minutes of getting on, I could send her forward without any sillyness. She was fabulous. Then my cell rang. She stood quietly while I talked a coworker through some troubleshooting. Boring. Just the way I like it in a 3 yr old. Ho-hum. Had I tried to make her work right off, she would have been jigging and distracted and unhappy or possibly unsafe. "wait"

February 6, 2010-- Trimmed all 4 feet: Dan, Gracie, Chicklet, and Dottie. Dan was good, Gracie was stellar, Chicklet was a pest, and Dottie was fine. Funny how the 'wild' horse was better than the "imprinted-at-birth" filly. ChickiePoo could be a handful. They each had a leadline lesson with lots of 'give-to-pressure'. John hopped up on The Baby Girl and practiced left, right, whoa in the stall. She was fine- bareback, halter, lead rope. 

 January 2010-- Leadline lessons for Dan and Gracie are progressing well. They are learning to step over, step forward, and back up. Gracie accepts the rope all over her. Dan, well, he does not like the rope touching his precious fuzziness. He is good about it- just a little fussy- but clearly does not like it. He'll be fine with more time.

12/31/09 The Mustangs have New Year's Eve visitors!!

Dan and Gracie have insatiable curiosity!! Despite the swishy sounds of a tiny creature with a hood, (my niece) they had to check it out.

December 13th-- Dan (BLM Mustang) had his first trim today. He was fantastic! John and I have been working with his feet for the past few weeks. Any time, anywhere- just outside in the paddock, loose. We started by tapping his fetlock and saying "foot!" and when he'd lift his foot he'd get lots of positive reinforcement. We slowly began to hold up his foot for a few seconds, then a bit longer... So today I was able to trim his front feet. Granted, with his head in his grain bucket. Life is good when you're eating grain. Plus, it's plain to see that Dan trusts John. Gracie is next!!

December 3rd-- Stiitch travelled to Mountain Tide Farm for his first indoor schooling session. He was fantastic! Keanan introduced him to bending, outside leg, and canter departs. He played with the Parelli Ball and looked quite at home under saddlle in a new place. Such a gentleman.

November 15th-- WOW! Reflection is fabulous under saddle!! Forward, balanced, well-behaved... Just a pleasure to ride. We went down the road to the hay field and followed the perimeter established by the Otter Creek. We found ourselves crossing a huge, deep 'puddle'. At 17.3, Reflection was up to her belly in it!! John and Morgan (at 14.3) were just about swimming. We must be some sight sight-- The Cob in western gear and a Clyde in English gear with me in a blaze-orange vest!!

November 1st-- Dan and Gracie have leadline lessons. It's coming along nicely. Becca and Megan came to visit Tucker and all agree he's grown about 3 inches since he's been here!

October 20th-- Gracie and Dan each get an Extreme Makeover!! Full body curry, showsheen and combout of mane and tail, and a bridle path. In true girlie-girl fashion, Gracie loved it! In true guy fashion, Dan put up with it! They stood for at least 1/2 hr to be fussed over- just loose in the paddock. Such good kids.

September 27th-- Gracie and Dan now stand for grooming MM and lift their feet. Both will come for attention. Leadline training will start in October.

September 14th-- Beamer and Mister went to GMHA for Members' Day jumping and had a very productive schooling session. Mister mastered a 3 stride combo and Beamer trotted into several "loud" and 'scarey' looking 2' singles. She tackled the roll top, a flowerbox, some gates, and ended with the picket fence. She was bold and beautiful. 

August 31-- Margaritaville went to GMHA for her second outing. She hopped over the ditch, trotted through the water crossings, and jumped a log. Mostly, she enjoyed the gorgeous day hanging out being wonderful. Keenan and Stitch joined Deb and Margaritaville out for a quiet hack. The two 3 year olds!! We all had a lovely canter up the logging road and behaved very well.

August 3-- Margaritaville ("Beamer") went to GMHA for Members' Day Trails/Jumping. She was fabulous. Our goal was to enjoy a quiet hack and have a chance to look at (but not jump) various cross country and stadium obstacles. We splashed around in the water and trotted up and down the ramps of the Irish bank . She enjoyed that so much, we hopped up the low side. Twice! She loved it!

July 17th-- Stitch went to GMHA for his first off-farm adventure on July 11th- Members Days,Trails. Such a good boy. We hacked out with two other horses. He negotiated water crossings, wooden bridges, and road crossings with traffic. We even did a little trot around the big filed. He's marvelous!

Margaritaville ("Beamer") had her big adventure here at home on the 12th- up on the powerline. Deer, a fawn, a narrow snow mobile bridge, water run-offs everywhere... She loves it. She is quite bold and forges ahead independently.

Dan is going to be a push-over. He already takes treats from John. He is still not willing to join up, but he is not flighty any more. He so wants to bond. In two different sessions, I was able to have him sniff me and even chew on my hair scrunchie. He is very curious. Gracie, on the other hand, is merely tolerant. "Whatever!" Both have lovely little balanced trots and as Deb Bennet put it (at a PVDA lecture in MD many years ago) "horses already know how to do everything we could possibly ask of them, if we would just stay out of their way". Gracie did a delicate canter pirouette the first time I climbed over the gates and Dan can do a 9 canter halt transition when he approaches for his treat. Both are gaining weight and growing like weeds. Dan is exceptionally leggy! Photos to follow soon...  

July 4th-- Gracie and Dan are settling in nicely. After adding a few more gate panels to the run-in shed, we created a training area and Gracie went first. In less than an hour, she let me touch her, scratch her, and get her halter on and off. She is very curious and seems to be rather level-headed.

June-- Several wonderful trail rides on Reflection. She is bold and inquisitive. She is also very balanced. She does not roll downhill- she holds herself. Reflection has a huge walk.

May- Stitch and Margaritaville continue to progress. Reflection will start U/S soon. 

April- The horses had 2 weeks off while I was sick with pneumonia. Mud season is underway and we most likely wouldn't have accomplished much anyhow, so it's best they had the rest. Stitch and Beamer were back in the round pen on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th. The WTC lessons in side reins on Friday made them both sweat (in all the right places) and free jumping on Saturday was a play-day. To cool out, we went for a walk around the pasture under saddle. We practice Stop, Start, and Steer. Sparky worked a bit harder- he did some gymnastics. trot poles and x-rail x-rail, small vertical. He loved it! As soon as mud season is over- serious training begins!!

We look forward to our first Members Day at GMHA on May 18th.

March- Wow, the first signs of spring! We chose a lovely day to go on a road trip. We need to thank Mary and Linda of Mountain Tide Farm in Danby for the use of their lovely indoor arena. We had a highly productive early season training session. Sparky was fabulous and Keenan's horse Mister showed off his awesome lopey canter. He also showed Sparky all about the Parelli ball :-) Thanks to Megan for being videographer! 

Meanwhile, Beamer and Stitch have both gone out on mini trail rides. Stitch saw turkeys and Beamer saw deer. Never a dull moment! They were both ho-hum about the wildlife and seemed to enjoy the adventure.

Now that the round pen has thawed out, Beamer and Stitch are learning about side reins. Stitch readily accepted light contact on the first try, whereas Beamer thought she could figure out a way around it. It took her just a few laps to realize that the contact is a friendly feeling. The next day proved to be the "ah-ha" moment for both of them. They are stunning. Photos to follow.

February- Stitch is now 3 and will begin his formal training. He has "stop/start/steer" in long lines and goes w/t/c in the round pen on voice commands. He has no problem wearing a saddle, bridle, and boots. Stitch is quite focused and has the calm, quiet hunter look. Soon he will start in loose side reins and go out for walks on a long rein. Just yesterday we sat on him for a few minutes. He was a perfect gentleman.

Margaritaville (Beamer) will be 3 in a few weeks. She is already 16.1 h so we're going to progress slowly. She is very forward- fluid, animated, light- and has that floaty trot. She will put her nose on the ground at the canter. She is lovely to watch. She will start formal training with Stitch.

Baby Girl will be 2 this spring and the games shall begin. The obstacle course, "scarey things", "peek-a-boo", find the apple, and long lines. She's starting to wear a rubber snaffle and the saddle. She'll do anything for John. We plan to take her to the AWS inspection this summer. 

January 2009- Wow, the new year has been cold and snowy. Beautiful to some, inconvenient to others, but we love it! The trails are beautiful this time of year and so far the footing is excellent. So training continues...

Sparky alternates between fitness workouts and lightness tune-ups. We do trot sets in deep snow and canter sets on uphill logging roads. He goes long and low, stretching, on snomoblie trails. Most recently, Sparky is improving his canter transitions out in the hay field- it's incredible- a huge (20m) circle in the wide open. Sunny, big views, the Otter Creek, Killington, deer, coyote tracks... Sparky is forward, soft, and having fun.