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Weanlings, yearlings, and two-year-olds for sale. Colorful and registered with JC, AWS, CBUSA, NASDHA, and APHA. Select riding stock also available.

Photo Gallery- please scroll down in albums for newer photos

Weanlings and Yearlings Weanlings and Yearlings Tanner- 2002 TBxClyde weanling (SOLD) Huge Trot! 21314226 Tanner (SOLD) Very soft as a 3 yr old 21314222 Tanner, now Maverick Novice Horse Trials GMHA 07/03/10 90227438 Tanner, now Maverick Horseman's Yankee Peddler June 2012 160917009 Margaritaville aka Beamer- yearling 55325806 Margaritaville aka Beamer- 3 yrs Huge gaits! 55325669 Margaritaville aka Beamer- 3 yrs First time at GMHA 55325672 In Stitches- 2006 AWS Perch x TB by Johnnie Showtime Classic Hunter Style 21316338 Stitch at 3 yrs Very soft 55325670 Stitch at 3 yrs Very light 55325671 MJM Queen of Hearts- 2007 NASDHA Filly 2007 NASDHA Filly, weanling 21316372 MJM Queen of Hearts- 2007 NASDHA filly 2007 NASDHA Filly- Yearling 21314223 MJM Queen of Hearts- 2007 NASDHA filly John hopped on after he had a few months off from riding- she was fabulous for him. 69020401 "Baby Girl" John having fun with his Baby Girl. 69023326 Johnny Come Lately- 2003 Percheron cross colt by Johnny Showtime "Sparky" hams for the camera at 5 weeks 21317054 Sparky as a yearling He WANTS to jump 21316375 Sparky in 2007 First jump school GMHA 2007 21316376 Sparky is 4 yrs old First Jump School GMHA 2007 21317055 Sparky at GMHA first XC school 2007 Loves those logs! 21317526 Sparky First XC school 2007 Sparky is so Brave 21317527 Sparky at GMHA 2008 Well, he's trying to be brave over the ditch 21317452 Partner in Crime 2002 Percheron x Paint (SOLD) Crescent- Yearling 21355001 Partner in Crime (SOLD) 3 yr old Crescent. First time under saddle. 21355003 APHA Filly Miss Dakota Plaudits- 7 months Warm kisses on a cold day 21354999 APHA Filly Miss Dakota Plaudits- yearling Piccolo- Finally shed out! 21355004 APHA Filly Miss Dakota Plaudits- 3 yrs "Piccolo" is babysitting Stitch who had recently been weaned 21314225