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Weanlings, yearlings, and two-year-olds for sale. Colorful and registered with JC, AWS, CBUSA, NASDHA, and APHA. Select riding stock also available.

Photo Gallery- please scroll down in albums for newer photos

SOLD Johnny Come Lately- '03 draft cross by Johnnie Showtime SOLD Johnny Come Lately- '03 draft cross by Johnnie Showtime "Sparky" Wow, what a jumper. First jump school 20813317 Sparky First XC school GMHA 2007 21318221 Sparky First XC school GMHA 2007 21318223 Schooling GMHA 2008 20813305 Johnny Come Lately '03 Percheron Cross Foliage Fun 20813303 Sparky GMHA 2008 20813309 Sparky GMHA 2008 Big Scarey Ditch! 21318222 Sparky at GMHA 2008 Mom having some fun 20813308 Sparky learning to stretch 4/08 Mountain Tide Farm 26166721 Sparky working trot 4/08 Mountain Tide Farm 26166725 Sparky fall '07 26166722 Sparky fall '07 26166726 Sparky 3/08 26166727 Sparky 2/08 30467387 Sparky Spring 2008 Ruthie's Test Drive 107770326 Ruthie meets Sparky 2008 Instant Love 107770327 Sparky Loves Ruthie Mooch! 107770328 Sparky 06-14-10 Sparky in his new home. 86793509 Sparky Remembers John! So cute 86793513 Proud mom Thanks Ruthie for lovin' him 86793512 Yves and Sparky Wow- soft, round, light. 86793514 Sparky 06-14-10 Sparky LOVES to jump! 86793510 Sparky 06-14-10 First jump session since '07 86793511 Sparky and Yves Summer 2010 107770324 Sparky and Yves Summer 2010 107770325 Sparky and Ruthie Spring 2012 156726460